American Anti Cancer

   Probably the only ANTI cancer society!

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The American Anticancer Society is one of only three only ANTI cancer societies (that I know of). Our mission is to tell you what is already known about cancer so that you can make better decisions about your health.

Let me repeat, "Our mission is to tell you what is already known about cancer".

I'm not a doctor of any kind, yet have managed to reverse several life threatening medical conditions in myself.

The word "cancer" is probably applied to many things, I'm not diagnosing or recommending anything, and am only providing information for you to use in your search for truth. Truth requires belief, talk to your doctor or other medical professional as part of finding answers. I just did a Wikipedia search on what I have to say, and is says quackery (basically). While working one day, (and shooting my mouth off....)

I met a lady who said that her dad had been given six months to live, 12 years ago. She said that the doctors are NOW finally asking what she did, since her dad is still alive.... 12 years later. I don't know what she purchased, she called if vitamin B-17, and started giving it to him. Anyway, there are lots of stories like this, find your own, speak up, ask questions. I piss off some people, and enlighten others.

Here's the summary of what we have found, in four parts:
1.) Cancer is cells in your body fermenting.
2.) Natural plant chemicals called laetrile/B17/amygdalins are sugar connected to cyanide.
3.) Sugar feeds fermentation.
4.) Cyanide kills cells.
(That's it, the core, now for something to back this up ... )

Parts 2,3 and 4 above can be easily looked up, so after I tell you about Part 1, please do so.

Cancer is fermentation: Did you know that there was a Nobel Prize given for figuring out cancer? Surely you must, if you have an "awareness" of breast cancer, or a pink ribbon on your car.

According to Dr. Otto Warburg and his 1931 Nobel Prize, a cell in the body that no longer respirates (breathes oxygen) can instead ferment (carbohydrate breakdown without oxygen).

Rotting like a bad apple. This is why dogs (and people) can smell cancer.

This seems to explain why there is no heart cancer, since the heart is the most oxygenated part of the body. (I know what you are thinking, but lungs are quite dirty ....).

That's it, the unique parts that I bring to the cancer on our society called cancer. I get my laetrile by eating 5 or more apricot kernels every day. I also make a tincture to have it in liquid form. The awesome work of Edgar Cayce says that three almonds a day and a person will never get cancer, but what is missing is that it's BITTER almonds that are needed, illegal in the United States. The people that I get my apricot kernels from got sued by the FDA, I promptly spent my settlement check on more apricot kernels. Since it's obvious to anyone that looks into it that the FDA only protects big money, it's a sure sign for the cynical that who they sue is who to believe .... ( is who that I'm talking about, I'm not connected in any way other than being a customer and getting a $42 settlement check)

Other cancer tips, well known, are to keep your body slightly alkaline, take vitamin d and selenium.

Thank you for reading this, please do your own research. I don't want anyone to just believe me, otherwise they'll believe the next bozo to come along as well. Find your own answers.